Friday, 31 May 2013


Thank you to Tatiana Myers for hosting the 
previous April/May DPP Challenge

  The Blue Mountain (Der blaue Berg), 1908-09 
 Wassily Kandinsky (Russian, 1866-1944)

I am a representational painter, but have always had
a fascination with abstraction.  We have some excellent DPP Artists
(e.g., Linda McCloskey, Pat Koscienski and Sue Marrazzo)
who have fired that interest with their incredible work.
I am hoping that they will join us in this challenge!

Acrylic on Paper
30 x 22
Linda Benton McCloskey

The challenge for June/July is going to be to create an
abstract work.  I am going to post my journey step-by-step,
and encourage you to do this as well - or you can just post
your work once you have finished

If you are not sure where to start, here is a very 
good link that should provide some insight.

Rules of the Challenge:

1. This monthly Challenge is for DPP members only,
but anyone is welcome and encouraged to make comments on the posts.

2. Submit your Challenge entry just as you would a regular post - with
a picture of your entry and anything you would like to write about
your experience with this particular challenge. You are welcome to
submit more than one entry.

3. All entries must be posted no later than midnight July 31, 2013.

4. To get a larger, high-resolution version of the monthly Challenge photo,
just click on the photo in this post.

5. Please put only your name in the label section of your post - thanks!
(Your name should appear exactly as it does on the DPP blog)

6. Please follow the spirit of this challenge - all submissions should be created
after the Challenge has been posted.

7. Have fun!


Sue Marrazzo said...

This sounds like a good challenge...I love it!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Thanks, Sue. I just posted my work from today! Hope you will participate - I know whatever you create will be amazing :)