Thursday, 29 September 2011

Indoor/Outdoor Challenge
Hosted by Taryn Day

'Indoor/Outdoor Challenge'

Welcome to the new Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Challenge Blog!

In anticipation of the coming cooler weather, the object of October's challenge is to paint a landscape as seen from the comfort of your studio or home, by looking through a window. Paint any view out a window but include at least part of the room interior, even if just the window frame.  Find a scene that appeals to you, remember to keep the distant scene muted to set it back in space, and keep it as simple and loose as you'd like. 

Rules of the Challenge:

1.  This monthly Challenge is for DPP members only,
but anyone is welcome and encouraged to make comments on the posts.

2.  Submit your Challenge entry just as you would a regular post - with
a picture of your entry and anything you would like to write about
your experience with this particular challenge.  You are welcome to
submit more than one entry.

3.  All entries must be posted no later than midnight October 31, 2011.

4. To get a larger, high-resolution version of the monthly Challenge photo, just click on
the photo in this post.

5. Please put only your name in the label section of your post - thanks! 
(Your name should appear exactly as it does on the DPP blog)

6.  Have fun!


Mary Beth Brath said...

Great idea Taryn. Thank you for hosting the October Challenge. I look forward to seeing the posts.

Linda Young said...

This could really be a challenge for me; nothing out of my window but streets. Gotta think on this one.

Taryn Day said...

Linda, you can keep the scene outside to a bare minimum- just a glowing sense of light if you'd like. But streets could be interesting.