Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Christmas Card by Linda Young

copyright Linda Young
Title:  All the angels sang
Arches 300# CP WC Paper
Christmas card

Christmas is choirs of angels singing to the newborn King as the star in the East points the way to the manger.
Glory to God in the highest and on Earth, Peace and Goodwill to ALL people.

Traditionally, people are going about their business this night; getting ready for bed...putting presents underneath the tree and setting out cocoa and cookies for Santa.  A child looks out the window for the bearded fellow in a red suit.  Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas and think only of the gifts we did or didn't manage to get for someone?  Let us remember the reason for this season people are getting that last minute "shopping" benefit regardless of their faith. 

It is a tiny baby, born in a manger to a virgin a very long time ago and He who lives in our hearts today.


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Beautiful words and beautiful painting, Linda.

Donna said...

Love the colors of the old buildings and the effect of the star! Very cool! Nice painting! Merry Christmas to you!

Linda Young said...

Thank you Claire and Donna. The buildings reminded me of Rainbow Row.

Dianne Lorden said...

Beautiful card and beautiful sentiments, Linda.

Linda Young said...

Thank you Dianne