Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Doodling with the doggie toys by Linda Young

Doggie Toys
Sketch book pencil drawing

Pencil drawings for me are difficult, so the best I could do for the black and white challenge is a doodle of my two dog's toys which are scattered all over my living room floor!  Near them is a cardboard toy box that is full of chewies, balls and kongs.  Their bed is disheveled with their blanket tossed across it.  Somehow my black slipper always finds it's way down here from our bedroom.  The slipper is Hannah's favorite thing to steal from under the bed and run as fast as she can down the stairs to play with it.  I didn't even miss the slipper until I noticed it when I was drawing.  Kaysi's favorite toy is ALL of them, especially when Hannah tries to play with just one.

My living room is not my own; but is the dog's play pen.

Linda Young
p o box 941
Carlisle, Pa. 17013

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Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I love this, Linda. I can just imagine the fun the puppies had with their toys. When we have a pet, our houses are NEVER our own!