Saturday, 31 March 2012

Reflections in Water
Hosted by Maria Kovalenko Leysens

 Click on Photo for larger image

Click on photo for larger image

Welcome to the Daily Painters of Pennsylvania Challenge Blog!

My class asked me to do a demonstration on sky and water reflections. 
We did a small creek last week so this week we will take 
on a bigger scale. I am posting two images to choose from, or you
 can choose your own.  Calm water gets darker as it gets
 closer to the viewer. You can see into the depth more.
 The reflections of busy water still takes it's color cue from what
 is above. Have fun with the brushwork. Exaggerate the colors if you
 like, crop and find a composition that speaks to you.
I will post my examples next week.
Good luck, and Happy Painting!

Rules of the Challenge:

1. This monthly Challenge is for DPP members only,
but anyone is welcome and encouraged to make comments on the posts.

2. Submit your Challenge entry just as you would a regular post - with
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3. All entries must be posted no later than midnight April 30, 2012.

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6.  Please follow the spirit of this challenge - all submissions must be created
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7. Have fun!


Mary Beth Brath said...

Great challenge Maria! Thank you for hosting this month's study.

Maria Kovalenko Leysens said...

Thank you Mary Beth.
So many ways to do a sky and water. I can't wait to see what others decide to do.