Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bird's Nest
by Guest Blogger
Corey Fou Chong

First I would like to thank DPP artists and especially Mary Beth Brath for 
allowing me to participate in March DPP challenge. 

I was initially drawn to DPP challenge because of the light and my 
assumption of wow this would be fun to draw, little did I
 know my interpretation of a bird’s nest was going to be a painful
 one which involved some research, patience and a technique I 
might have used once or twice in the past.  The light hit the eggs
 just right not to dark and not to light with a little bit of reflected
 light and shadow.   Things got a little problematic or stressful 
when it was time to address the nest ( I should of did a close up).
  I figured a negative drawing of the nest was the best approach, although
 it was rather difficult to see a pattern to the nest other than
 overlapping sticks and twigs.  Twenty plus hours later,
 I’m fairly happy with result although it’s not complete, close up
 looks so good right now J.  Hopefully I will have time to go
 back and complete the drawing and post the entire nest
 as opposed to the close up.

Bird’s nest
Colored pencil, white chalk & graphite on toned paper

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Mary Beth Brath said...

Nice work Cory. Thanks for taking the DPP Challenge last month.