Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Monet Pond" by Tatiana Myers.

"Monet Pond" by Tatiana Myers
 8 x 10", oil on panel

This one is the latest painting I finished just last night. It was a small commission for the client who wanted me to paint this little pond with the bridge at Monet residence. I had a blast working on this painting starting from part of studying several dozens of photos showing Monet Gardens... When I found out that at spring this little bridge is covered with blooms of my beloved Wisteria, I knew - this is what I want to paint. Monet water-gardens are famous for their water lilies, but I had to give it up for the sake of purple. My client didn't see the painting yet, I hope he will like this version, but if not... of well, I still like it!

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Claire Beadon Carnell said...

I dream of seeing this bridge in person some day, Tatiana. This is gorgeous.

Mary Beth Brath said...

Wonderful painting Tatiana. Thanks for participating in the DPP Challenge.

Cecelia Lyden said...

Monet would be proud.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, ladies! It is sold and goes home to Oregon. They loved the photo of painting, I hope they will like original even better.

Maria Kovalenko Leysens said...

Colors are wonderful. Greens and purples are my favorites.

Tatiana Myers said...

Thank You, Maria!

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.