Monday, 22 October 2012

Quilt Art by Daily Painter of Pennsylvania Mary Beth Brath

Quilt Art by Mary Beth Brath
14x11" Acrylic on Board

This was fun. The reference photo did not have a quilt hanging on the wall, but I used my license to meet the challenge for this month.  The photo of the painting did not come out well and this one must be seen in person.


Linda Young said...

very interesting perspective. Unusual and creative quilt idea.

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

So creative...I love a painting that can have so many 'stories'. When I first looked at this, for some reason I thought of Sigmund Freud...wonder what he would make of a quilt hanging above the psychoanalysis couch...of course he's say the mother was at fault!!!

Mary Beth Brath said...

Ha Ha - this is the interior of the Majestic Theater in Gettysburg. My son Andy was with me the day I finished hanging the Plein Air and Colony Exhibit in June. He was bored and decided to lie down. I had to take a picture. The painting is hanging in the gallery right now, but it will probably end up in his bedroom. BRING ON THE NEXT CHALLENGE!!